1. GSA COMMUNICATIONS (Germany, Switzerland and Austria)

FACTORY 92′s GSA music PR and marketing services build +10 years of experiences and competences within the field.



We plug singles and albums to the German radios, which compared to many other European markets constitutes a significant effort due to Germany’s many national, private, college and leftfield radios. 


1.2 TOUR PR:

We promote full German tours.



We promote and do marketing for festivals in the GSA region. 



We provide B2B and B2C PR for showcases targeting GSA market entry.



We develop, coordinate and execute European PR & marketing campaigns capable of effectively transcending borders.


Each campaign is unique and customised to meet the exact needs of the client. Some clients will need a campaign that covers 6 markets, while others will only need to cover 3. The scope of your campaign will moreover be developed to meet your needs, as we offer a dynamic toolkit from which we cherry-pick the right elements for your campaign.


All campaigns are coordinated by FACTORY 92, and in some cases also solely executed by FACTORY 92. We however also bring in the right people from our extensive European music industry network when we don’t have all the in-house competences needed to carry out the campaign successfully. This being said we always remain the client’s only contact point throughout the course of the campaign. In short this is all about guaranteeing local expertise for every single step of the campaign.


3. CONSULTING (GSA & International)

We offer international consulting services in order to stimulate, develop and support the GSA and international interests of our clients.


Our partnerships are always customised to the individual client’s needs, and build on elements such as:


Project management: For example developing, coordinating and/or executing showcase events, conference panels, networking sessions, etc.


International business management: For example representing the interests of the client from Hamburg on a daily basis, managing the client’s export activities, negotiating new business deals on behalf of the client, etc.


Strategy development: Connecting the client’s goals with GSA and international market know-how, research, mapping and networks, thereby stimulating the development of effective international strategies, etc.