We aim to bring back guitar rock music to the people in cooperation with the game-changing new music distributor Ampire.


In short the pandemic left us with plenty of time on our hands. Of course, we sulked for a while, and struggled to make ends meet. But like all other things in life there's only one way to get up when down, and that's to get back on whatever horse is in front of you. Our horse was rock 'n' roll. So we decided to create a label, which solely releases the kind of music we have been missing. Namely the big, honest, handmade, hook-driven and guitar-wall-of-sound rock tunes that seem to have gone MIA. Our first two signings are more than ready to help us fulfil that mission. Ladies and gentlemen we give you:



Nominated to be "Big in 2021" by the UK's leading guitar music platform THIS FEELING


London based singer/songwriter boldly marrying the supposed opposites of grunge and Britrock. Recording debut album in 2021. George Hennessey doesn’t lack ambition. By looking to the greats, the South London-dwelling singer-songwriter knows where he wants to go and knows the capacity of rock to change lives. “Don’t be afraid of what other people think,” he exhorts. “Do what you want to do. Go for it, life’s short. 


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"As a producer with more than 40 years of experience, I can honestly say that it’s rare to come across a band with this kind of authentic love for the big rock songs. Especially in 2020. When it comes to guitar music there are so many hipster, jazz and metal productions out there, so it’s special to find a band with this kind of attitude, energy and natural gift for the big sing-along choruses. I guess we haven’t seen much like it since the ’90s. Doesn’t hurt that they are great guys too.”

- Producer Flemming Rasmussen (Metallica, Mew, etc.)


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