18.10.2018, Tempodrom Berlin


The team of FACTORY 92 is feeling honored to join in on the “Preis für Popkultur”, as an official supporter, taking on parts of the press work. Furthermore we’d like to explain to you, why we believe it to be important as a music industry organ to become a member of the “Verein zur Förderung der Popkultur e.V.” (society for the promotion of popular culture) as well.


"Preis für Popkultur" (award for popculture): what's that again?

Basics first: the so called “Preis für Popkultur" (award for popculture) is a jury-based award, that was established in 2016 and given out annually ever since within the scope of a gala event held at Berlin-situated Tempodrom. Aiming to honour modern popculture and popular music that’s been produced within the German linguistic boundaries in all its facets and variations, we want to work with all of you to make sure that all these different shades of popular music are being embraced. By now the jury’s been built up of 791 popculture producers from all field divisions, that together form the “Verein zur Förderung der Popkultur e.V.”. Awards are given out in 12 different categories to artists with a German residency or that can be considered to have a German-based centre of activities. Out of 566 artists, works and contributions a shortlist has been created through secret vote, which is to be found further down. Final winners will be notarized and announced October 18th at the evening gala in Berlin’s Tempodrom. The winner in the category “Lifetime-Achievement-Award” however, will be drawn from preselection by the committees directional board and be assigned throughout the show as well. Said directional board of the “Verein zur Förderung für Popkultur” works on an honorary basis, any possible surplus is used for systematic support of popcultural projects.


Why we believe that the Award is important

With ECHO having ceased it’s gotten more important than ever to celebrate the variety that is German popular culture. Even though it would’ve been quite opportune and an easy move on the sympathy scale, it must be voiced, that the Award for Popular Culture has from the very beginning positioned itself to be neither a counter event, nor ever considered itself direct competition to the ECHO.
Diverse juries couldn’t hide the ECHO from being foremost an award by the music industry, the Award for Popular Culture on the other hand is jury-based only and takes a further look at all the different industry niches: popculture journalism, radio producers, booker, labels, blogger and artists. All of these looking eye to eye with an equal share on voting. Past assemblies proved members to be not only open, but if necessary adjust towards eligible criticism. A concept that doesn’t always lead to those huge movements and changes one does often wish for, but the good will is existent - quite refreshing for a change. Therefore, to all those in doubt and criticism: we heartfully invite you to join the society for popular culture and help us make this years award a little better.
The membership fee accounts for 60 euros per year and entitles for participation in the voting process and attendance to the award show. The fee must be transferred to the following account by the member using ones individual membership code:

Verein zur Förderung der Popkultur e.V.
IBAN: DE33 1007 0124 0031 3171 00


Shortlist Nominations

Favorite Female Solo-Artist
Kat Frankie 
Helena Hauff 

Favorite Male Solo-Artist
Get Well Soon
DJ Koze

Favorite Band
Feine Sahne Fischfilet
Die Nerven
Zugezogen Maskulin

Favorite Producer
Markus Ganter 
DJ Koze 
Tobias Kuhn 
Moses Schneider 

Favorite Album
Casper – »Lang lebe der Tod«
Mine & Fatoni – »Alle Liebe Nachträglich«
Die Nerven – »Fake«
Trettmann – »#DIY«

Favorite Song
Beatsteaks feat Deichkind – »L auf der Stirn« 
Casper feat. Drangsal – »Keine Angst« 
Kat Frankie – »Bad Behaviour«
Kettcar – »Sommer '89 (Er schnitt Löcher in den Zaun)«
Mine & Fatoni – »RomCom« 
Trettmann – »Grauer Beton«

Favorite Music Video
Beatsteaks feat. Deichkind – »L auf der Stirn«
Die Fantastischen Vier feat. Clueso – »Zusammen«
Kettcar – »Sommer '89 (Er schnitt Löcher in den Zaun)«
Fynn Kliemann – »Zuhause«
Trettmann – »Grauer Beton«


Most Exciting Live-Performance

Newcomer Most Likely To Succeed
Das Paradies 
Antje Schomaker 
Sam Vance-Law

Favorite Media Story      
Jens Balzer – »ECHO: Jetzt ist er implodiert (»Zeit Online«)
Casper & Drangsal – Mit-Verachtung-Podcast, Folge 9: »Grimace-Squad« (»Diffus«)
Viola Funk – »Die dunkle Seite des deutschen Rap« (WDR)
Charly Hübner, Sebastian Schultz – Feine-Sahne-Fischfilet-Film: »Wildes Herz«
Visa Vie – »Das allerletzte Interview: Eine Crime Story von Visa Vie« (Spotify)

Most Exciting Campaign
Drangsal – #DRANGSAL4ESC2019
Feine Sahne Fischfilet – Unschuldig wie immer: mit dem Nightliner zum Gerichtstermin in Güstrow
Kraftklub & Donots – Clubtausch in Köln (während des Konzerts)
Mine & Fatoni – »Alle Liebe nachträglich«-Kampagne
Trettmann – »#DIY«-Kampagne

Lived Popular Culture
Donots – Zu Ehren des Underground Köln: Spontanes Guerillakonzert auf den Trümmern des legendären Clubs
Feine Sahne Fischfilet – Wasted in Jarmen (Festival) 
Matthias Hörstmann u.a. – »Intro«-Verlag und -Magazin
Birgit & Horst Lohmeyer – Jamel Rockt den Förster (Festival)
Laut gegen Nazis – Campus Open Air Cottbus (Festival)




Recap to Reeperbahn Festival 2018 activities

The „Verein zur Förderung der Popkultur e.V.“ is more than an award show – a commitment not only through the official stattutes but also by name. That’s been made clear once more at Reeperbahn Festival last week, when the society in cooperation with YouTube organised a speedmeeting for 40 women of the creative and productional industry branch. Furthermore a workshop-day has been held on Saturday, discussing and focusing on topics like “Stress-coverage & Burnout”, “Music licensing for visual media” and “Product management in modern times”  always keeping in mind the current question “How’s music journalism?”.


[Picture: Annika Weber during the talk 'Stress-coverage and burnout prevention']