We are working for DOUR Festival


01. March 2018


Dour Festival is one of the biggest festivals in the French speaking area of Belgium. Its unbeatable formula is it's unique and diverse lineup, packed with impressive headliners. Besides ofElectro, Hip Hop, Indie, Rock and Folk the festival presents established Hardcore, Punk, Metal or Reggae bands.


But the festival gained its fabulous reputation not just because of the musical choices, but because of its audience and unique atmosphere. Beside the 7 stages the are a lot of place dedicated to versitile projects e.g. there is an NGO villiage or a place with Belgian beer bars.


IIn 2017 242.000 visitors were counted from all over Europe who celebrated peacefully over 5 days.


The 30th edition of Dour Festival will take place from 11th of July to 15th of July 2018.


After The Chemical Brothers, Soulwax, Booba, Mura Masa, Tyler, the Creator, alt-J, Nekfeu, Paul Kalkbrenner and about hundred other names already announced, we have a new burst of artists and bands joining the line-up.

Starting with our compatriot Selah Sue, a true flagship that represents the Belgian scene abroad. For her third time at Dour, she’s bringing an acoustic show to enchant festivalgoers with her unparalleled voice. It will be great in ‘la Petite Maison dans la Prairie’!

This tent is dedicated to fans of indie music and is the first of which the full line-up is known. The last ones to join this selection are the Americans Son Lux, followed by a splendid selection of French artists such as Agoria, Flavien Berger, Pépite and Agar Agar, the Italian Dj Tennis and the trio from Liège, ULYSSE.


Dour also specifically focuses on alternative and emerging projects, with an emphasis on Belgian acts! Proof of this is the prosperous band from Charleroi, run SOFA and other black-yellow-red projects such as the revelation of this spring from Antwerp Blu Samu and the guys from Ghent, Hong Kong Dong.


But of course, according to it’s tradition, the festival also receives artists from all over the globe, such as the Canadian rapper Loud, the Berlin-based producer with Israeli origins, Moscoman and the Dutch Young Marco and Altin Gün.

The electro-scene receives colourful accents with the French Folamour, the hypnotic American Shigeto and the Swedish Kornél Kovács.


More info about the complete lineup: www.dourfestival.eu