Christian Holl Buhl, Managing Partner, buhl (at) factory92 (dot) eu


Co-founder and co-boss at FACTORY 92. Christian is a Danish citizen but has been an expat most of his life, spending his youth and childhood in Brussels as the son of a EU lobbyist. This background is also the backbone of Christian's key professional competence. Namely the capacity to understand interests and help shape, translate and succesfully execute border-crossing cooperations, campaigns and business plans. Before co-founding FACTORY 92 in 2013 Christian spent much of his youth fronting rock bands, completed bachelor and MBA degrees in business & lobbying and founded and ran Brussels-based music export consultancy the rocking factory from 2007-2012.

Jan Clausen, Managing Partner, clausen (at) factory92 (dot) eu


Co-founder and co-boss at FACTORY 92. Jan has been a German music industry professional for almost 20 years, making him a both experienced, connected and respected profile in the highly competitve GSA music industry. Having started as a tour manager Jan quickly worked his way up the music industry career ladder and eventually found his home in music PR and marketing. This led him to co-found and run the legendary German music PR agency Queen About Music from 2003 to 2012. If you were to ask his colleagues (or clients) they would not hesitate to tell you how creative this man's brain is (though this North German gentleman would never claim something so bold himself).

Yan Mangels, Partner & Head Of Finance, mangels (at) factory92 (dot) eu


Co-founder and financial safe-keeper at FACTORY 92. Yan has been an influential German music industry professional for several decades having founded and headed legendary German hip-hop booking agency Wir Kümmern Uns and co-founded Queen About Music. Next to his activities at FACTORY 92 Yan today works as a senior agent at one of Germany's leading live agencies FKP Scorpio. When things get hectic and crazy (which happens in agency life) one can always trust in Yan's experienced cool mind to bring things down to the constructive level again.

Katharina Lange, Head of PR, lange (at) factory92 (dot) eu


Katharina Lange is bachelor in Scandinavian Studies & Philosophy and FACTORY 92's Head of PR, carrying out a vital leadership role between the Managing Partners and the rest of the team. Katharina started her music industry career at German college station Radio Q where she ultimately became the Editor in Chief. It was here that the newly founded FACTORY 92 discovered and hired her back in 2013. Kathi was thus a "vital cog in the FACTORY 92 machinery" during first 4 years of the agency’s existence, and was missed during her 1-year spell at ADA / Warner.

Philipp Oppenhäuser, Senior PR Manager, oppenhaeuser (at) factory92 (dot) eu


Philipp is bachelor in political sciences and sociology and Senior PR Manager at FACTORY 92. Philipp joined FACTORY 92 in 2016 following spells as a booker at Kreativfabrik Wiesbaden and marketeer at Visions Magazine, and quickly grew into the role as our live industry expert working extensively with clients such as MCT and SZIGET. Philipp has moreover toured all over Europe with his own bands. Bonus info: You will be hard pressed to find another German music industry professional with a better sense of humor than this guy.

Melanie Gerth, PR Assistant, gerth (at) factory92 (dot) eu


Melanie is bachelor in business management and the newest member of the team having joined FACTORY 92 in January 2018, following a 2-year spell at Münster-based label, management and service-agency UNCLE M MUSIC. Before entering the music industry in 2016 Melanie completed a professional banking education and worked in banks for more than 4 years, making her the perfect safekeeper of our PR and marketing budgets.



Miriam Döringer, Intern, presse (at) factory92 (dot) eu


Miriam is our current intern and will be at FACTORY 92 until the end of May 2018.