We are a passionately run music PR, marketing and consulting agency based in Hamburg, Germany, specialized in pop, rock, indie, hip hop and electronic music relations.


We have a rich +10 year history of promoting and marketing quality bands and music brands (from the big guns such as Robbie Williams and Roskilde Festival, to fresh new names such as Konni Kass and Whitney), while working for some of the international music industry’s most influential companies (from FKP Scorpio over Believe Digital to SZIGET Festival). This gives us unique access to the music, it’s fans and stakeholders coupled with the agency competence needed to create and execute campaigns that effectively engage with the attractive lifestyle segments surrounding the music.


We stick to what we know best – the music (knowing the trends, artists, events, consumer behaviors and professional decision-makers).


We have the capacity to work across the European borders.


We apply a both creative and advisory approach towards campaigns, communication and client relations (not just passive sales of standard services, but rather a creative case by case approach, and having the guts to contradict clients if their wishes make no sense when confronted by market realities).


Yours sincerely,





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