FACTORY 92 is...


A passionately-run,  competitively-driven and synergistically-diversified music PR, marketing and consulting agency based in Hamburg, Germany.


An experienced and well-established music agency built on a rich +10 year history of promoting and marketing quality bands and music brands while working for some of the international music industry’s most influential companies. This gives us unique access to the music, it’s fans and stakeholders coupled with the competence and credibility needed to design and execute campaigns that deliver results.


 A multifaceted music agency that supports artists, labels, live agencies, events and institutional clients on domestic, import , export and networking missions. On the one hand we support the interests of both national and international clients in the GSA region. On the other hand we also support the interests of our clients outside of the GSA region (especially on neighbouring European markets such as Scandinavia, Benelux, UK and France). 


 All about the music and thus only works with music related projects and campaigns, which keeps the agency relevant, connected and on the beat with the media, trends, artists, events, consumer behaviours, communication tools and professional decision-makers needed to deliver results.


Powered by a creative and advisory approach towards artist career development, release plans, live campaigns, various communication missions and client relations. In other words we're the opposite of routine-driven, passive sales of standard services, always opting for a case by case approach, while having the sense to challenge clients and partners if their desired course of action is not competive when confronted by market realities. 


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