Eurosonic Noorderslag 2022 conference and showcases will once more take place completely online. FACTORY 92 is representing the newest talents from Austria and Belgium, totaling to a roster of 23 acts. We are also hosting an innovative virtual world reception where all colleagues are welcomed to catch a break from chat boxes and network as in real life.

Aili (BE) | Aramboa (AT) | ascendant vierge (BE) | Charles (BE) | Chibi Ichigo (BE) | Commander Spoon (BE) | Dorian Dumont (BE) | ECHT! (BE) | Florence Arman (AT/UK) | Friedberg (AT/UK) | K.ZIA (BE) | Mekserem Mees (BE) | Mooneye (BE) | Naima Joris (BE) | Neptunian Maximalism (BE) | Pothamus (BE) | Psychonaut (BE) | Sharktank (AT) | Sofie (AT) | Susobrino (BE) | Sylvie Kreusch (BE) | Takeshi's Cashew (AT/DE) | The Haunted Youth (BE)

Reach out to International Relations Coordinator Ida and we'll set up networking and interview calls for you.


Experience the innovative virtual world reception with Belgians & Austrians
Wed 19 Jan, 16:00-16:30 CET

Experience a different way of networking at the Eurosonic Lounge in Gathertown by Austrian Music Export and Wallonie-Bruxelles Musiques! Create a character, discover new artists in the digital concert hall and meet old colleagues as well as new business partners walking around the map or in private meeting rooms.

What: Networking among Austrians, Belgians and other ESNS 2022 delegates on a fun interactive platform.
When: Wednesday Jan 19, networking rush hour starts at 16:00, interactive content available till the end of the day
Where: (sign up to get the link)
Technical skill requirements: Turn on your mic and video camera


Acts A-Z

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Aili (BE)   Indie electro pop

For their debut EP, Dansu, the Belgian-Japanese artist Aili joins forces with Belgian producer Transistorcake. Throughout the lockdown, the duo worked on a fresh-sounding music project. Effortlessly they bring together elements of Kosmische Musik, Acid House, Electronica, Disco & Leftfield Pop. It's easier to dance to it than to pigeonhole it.

Looking for: Bookers (NL, FR, DE)
Virtual showtime: 21:00-21:15, Friday 21 @ ESNS 03

Aramboa (AT)   Electronica, funk  

ARAMBOA aka Moritz René Scharf is a Vienna-based musician, composer and producer. With a jazz background he is known for his electronica/funk experimental tracks and collaborations with Moonchild Sanelly (Beyoncé, Damon Albarn Gorillaz, DIPLO, Die Antwoord), Anna Buchegger (Starmania) and Elena Shirin. New album out in spring 2022.

Looking for: Live opportunities, sync, artist collaborations, songwriting sessions (EU)
Virtual showtime: 21:20-21:30, Thursday 20 @ ESNS 03

ascendant vierge (BE)   Techno

ascendant vierge is a new transnational and trans-musical Brussels-based duo formed by lyrical goth-pop singer-songwriter-performer Mathilde Fernandez and DJ and producer Paul Seul, also known to be the co-founder of the collective Casual Gabberz.

Virtual showtime: 23:10-23:20, Wednesday 19 @ ESNS 01

Charles (BE)   Rock, pop

It took the 20 year old Charlotte Foret one single to kick start her career as Charles: ‘Wasted Time’ was an instant hit. With the EP ‘Falling While Rising’ she confirms her musical identity. Throughout the six tracks Charles tackles autobiographical and universal themes, and the young artist from Brussels does not limit herself to one genre, going from alternative pop and ballads to indie rock and grunge. She' s deep and dark, but also airy and luminous.

Virtual showtime: 20:50-21:00, Friday 21 @ ESNS 02

Chibi Ichigo (BE)   Electro

Chibi Ichigo aka Sabina Nurijeva has just turned 22, but can already be considered one of the emerging female talents in Belgian hip hop. Chibi loves experimenting and challenges with language, rap, singing and beats that hover between her Russian roots and a small Flemish town background. A mix of Russian and Dutch, with a Japanese artist name (Chibi = small / Ichigo = strawberry). An act without (linguistic) borders nor image.

Looking for: Booker (intl), live opportunities (NL, RU, Eastern EU)
Virtual showtime: 20:05-20:15, Wednesday 19 @ ESNS 02

Commander Spoon (BE)   Electronic, jazz

The Brussellians of Commander Spoon interlace their eclectic wealth of influences into an energetic jazz sound. They joyfully demolish walls between jazz, hip-hop, rock and electronica. There is no better jazz band in Brussels to party to, and four players who embody everything captivating about The New Wave of Belgian Jazz. First album ‘Spooning’ is proof that Belgian jazz is alive. It’s tight, furious and inspirational.

Looking for: Booker (outside BE), live opportunities (WW)
Virtual showtime: 22:35-22:45, Wednesday 19 @ ESNS 03

Dorian Dumont (BE)   Jazz, electro

33-year-old Dorian Dumont is from Montpellier, France, where he studied to become a classical pianist. One day he decided to give in to his deepening love for improvisation and jazz, and moved to Bruxelles to learn all about jazz. ‘APHEXionS’ is his autonomous work, wherein jazz and minimalism reign and wherein Dumont, of course, pays tribute to the British master Aphex Twin.

Looking for: Manager, live opportunities (FR, DE, NL)
Virtual showtime: 21:30-21:40, Thursday 20 @ ESNS 03

ECHT! (BE)   Electronic, jazz

The Brussels-based quartet call upon their jazz training to serve up a number of musical influences, from the vapor of the constellation ‘Stones Throw’ (J Dilla, Jonwayne, Madlib) to the sound of the galaxy ‘20/20’ (Ivy Lab, Deft). During the strange year of 2020 the band was awarded n°3 by Red Bull Elektropedia in the “Fresh on the scene” category and debut ‘DOUF’ got nominated for best EP. 2021 started strong for ECHT! with the BREWmixes: a series of 20 minutes beat-to-beat live-sessions. And in September they dropped their first, groundbreaking album ‘INWANE’.

Looking for: live opportunities (EU, UK)
Virtual showtime: 23:20-23:30, Friday 21 @ ESNS 03

Florence Arman (AT/UK)   Alt pop 

Florence Arman is an established singer-songwriter, who has worked with artists like Rhys Lewis, The Kooks, Barns Courtney, G-Flip, Bakermat, filous and Harry Hudson. She got noticed as one of the most promising newcomers thanks to her intimate, yet witty and light-hearted debut EP ‘Out of the Blue'. A collection of songs with honest lyrics and strong melodies that she wrote as a sort of self-therapy over the last few years.

Looking for: Live opportunities (UK, NL, DE)
Virtual showtime: 21:10-21:20, Friday 21 @ ESNS 02

Friedberg (AT/UK)   Alt rock, pop 

With her escapist blend of frenetic post punk, alt-rock and alluring pop-infused songwriting, Friedberg’s sound is primed for a night out. Born out of a vision to create a totally new sound and a pulsating one-of-a-kind live show, Friedberg has over 10 million streams, global radio success, press support across Europe, syncs including FIFA, Netflix, BBC and much more! At Eurosonic, they will be premiering new music at their 2022 show. Debut album out in late 2022.

Looking for: Label, live opportunities (EU, WW), sync & brand opportunities, support slots
Virtual showtime: 22:10-22:25, Thursday 20 @ ESNS 02

K.ZIA (BE)   R&B, soul

K.ZIA is a Brussels-born, Berlin-based and world-raised singer, songwriter and artistic director. Her vibrant music blends up alternative R&B, soul, pop, trap and afrobeats.  Since her debut EP “RED“ released in 2018 K.ZIA was invited to perform across the globe as both a headliner or opening act for artists like Sampa The Great, Omar Lyefook, Tayla Parx, Kota the friend and more. Her debut album “Genesis” is planned for 2022.

Looking for: Booker (EU, UK, WW), label (EU, UK, WW)
Virtual showtime: 20:50-21:00, Wednesday 19 @ ESNS 01

Meskerem Mees (BE)   Singer-songwriter, folk

As soon as Meskerem Mees (22) starts to sing, magic kicks in. With just her voice, an acoustic guitar and the cello of her sister in arms Febe Lazou, she has the ability to turn any song into an irresistible folk pop gem. Debut single ‘Joe’ was a big commercial and critical success in Belgium and its neighbouring countries, follow-up singles ‘Seasons Shift’ and ‘Astronaut’ confirmed her status as one of Europe’s biggest talents in music.

Looking for: Live opportunities (FR, DE, CH), bookers (ES, UK, US, Nordics), label collaborations (outside BeNeLux)
Virtual showtime: 21:55-22:10, Thursday 20 @ ESNS 01

Mooneye (BE)   Pop rock

When Mooneye first surfaces in 2019, as one of the winners in a talent contest on Belgium’s biggest alternative radio station StuBru, everyone instantly feels that the band formed by Michiel Libberecht has what it takes to become a big indie act. Their debut album "Big Enough" presents exquisite indie pop reminiscent of Travis, Strand Of Oaks or early Coldplay.

Looking for: Label & booker (DE, FR, UK)
Virtual showtime: 21:40-21:50, Wednesday 19 @ ESNS 03

Naima Joris (BE)   Alternative, jazz

Naima Joris only sang her first songs when she was 27 and after various collaborations as a backing vocalist, she was asked as a guest vocalist by her father Chris Joris (a famous Belgian jazz musician) to further explore her voice as a lead vocalist. Funeral, Tonight’s The Night, Electro-Shock Blues, One Last Laugh In A Place Of Dying, Skeleton Tree, ... The grieving process put into motion by losing someone you love often produces brilliant art.

Looking for: Score opportunities, booking partners (outside BE & NL), live opportunities (WW), collaborations
Virtual showtime: 20:20-20:30, Wednesday 19 @ ESNS 03

Neptunian Maximalism (BE) Drone metal, free jazz

NNMM is a community of multi « occultural engineers » (*Genesis P-Orridge) with a variable geometry/line-up. This project was initiated by Guillaume Cazalet (CZLT ; SOL KIA ; ZAÄAR) and the veteran saxophonist player Jean-Jacques Duerinckx (ZAÄAR ; Ze Zorgs) in Brussels in 2018, especially during a residency with the two drummers Sebastien Schmit (K-Branding) and Pierre Arese (AKSU). The result was a bifacial entity, sometimes calling for a primitive voodoo trance with percussive intonations, dominated by rhythm and a savage movement, sometimes towards a psychedelic meditation.

Looking for:  Manager, booker (EU, USA, Asia), live opportunities, PR agency
Virtual showtime: 23:10-23:20, Wednesday 19 @ ESNS 02

Pothamus (BE)   Post-rock, sludge

Pothamus is a tribalesque sludge and post-rock trio from Belgium. The past few years they’ve been establishing energetic live shows while devoutly brewing new sounds. Through sparse instrumentation, Pothamus molds their own enigmatic world of repetitive riffage and floating drones backed by trance-inducing percussion and abrasive bass lines. All while putting the search for meaning central. Driven by the big questions, Pothamus returns to the basics of music: coming together and drifting away. Tune low, turn up, drift off. 

Looking for: Live opportunities (EU)
Virtual showtime: 23:10-23:20, Thursday 20 @ ESNS 02

Psychonaut (BE)   Post-metal

Psychonaut showcases truly world class musicianship and songwriting abilities, heavily influenced by 70’s bands like Led Zeppelin and Pink Floyd, but also drawing inspiration from contemporary heavy artists like Tool or Amenra.

Looking for: Live opportunities & festivals (EU)
Virtual showtime: 23:10-23:25, Friday 21 @ ESNS 02

Sharktank (AT)   Indie, hip hop 

Hip hop meets pop, indie joins rap: Katrin, Mile & Marco have found their characteristic sound between playful feel-good beats that meet conscious rap lines and melodic vocals. Their debut single Washed Up already hit a nerve and was streamed over 2 million times on Spotify by now. It must be talent, perfect chemistry or both that allowed Sharktank to finish and release their debut album Get It Done successfully in only one year in summer 2021.

Looking for: International booker, live opportunities, international label partners
Virtual showtime: 22:00-22:10, Wednesday 19 @ ESNS 03

Sofie (AT)   Alt pop

Sofie is a musician and artist based in Vienna, an original member & creative director of Boiler Room and an NTS Radio resident DJ. She curated Sofie's SOS Tape for Stones Throw in 2017, a compilation of new artists and talents for the label. Her debut as a songwriter, performer and producer was Cult Survivor, released on Stones Throw in 2020. She's currently wrapping up her second album, expected for 2022.

Looking for: Live opportunities
Virtual showtime: 20:25-20:35, Wednesday 19 @ ESNS 02

Susobrino (BE)   R&B, electronic

Susobrino, the Belgian / Bolivian producer & multi instrumentalist, continues to explore his musical roots, moving closer to the core sounds of the Afrolatino experience while building rhythmic bridges across continents and centuries. The young gun who once won two Champion Sound Battles in a row and received the Elektropedia Award for "most promising", is starting to sound like a grandmaster-in-waiting.

Virtual showtime: 22:00-22:10, Thursday 20 @ ESNS 03

Sylvie Kreusch (BE)   Alternative, indie

"Montbray" is a record that breathes and vents: not just in terms of lyrical gusto, but the unusual sonic spaces these tracks occupy as well. Kreusch isn’t interested in presenting listeners with some hermetically-sealed pop statement. These songs prowl in and out different wavelengths, whether it’d be the impressionist musicianship of Can, the subversive prose of Serge Gainsbourg or the ornate pop vision of Kate Bush.

Looking for: Live opportunities (WW)
Virtual showtime: 21:10-21:20, Wednesday 19 @ ESNS 01

Takeshi's Cashew (AT)   Psychedelic cosmofunk

Go to your record shelf and pick out that quirky (and unforgettable!) folklore vinyl you once found on a flea market. And now imagine that sound being complemented by vintage synths, flutes, twangy surf guitars, a hell lot of space echo... and electronic downtempo beats! Takeshi's Cashew (Laut&Luise, Berlin) are a newly formed psych-funk group that explore the boundaries of club culture, world music & 70's psychedelia. New album out late 2022.

Looking for: Live opportunities (EU)
Virtual showtime: 23:00-23:10, Wednesday 19 @ ESNS 01

The Haunted Youth (BE)   Indie pop

The Haunted Youth is the band of Hasselt-based Joachim Liebens (27), playing mesmerizing psych pop reminiscent of MGMT, DIIV, Slowdive or The Cure. The songs – about despair, hope, and the feeling of being a misunderstood misfit – are coated in a rich and dreamy international sound. Debut single ‘Teen Rebel’ certainly hit the mark: they won Studio Brussel’s talent contest De Nieuwe Lichting, getting a lot of airplay in Belgium and abroad. Follow-up ‘Coming Home’ was picked up by NME and as 'Song of the Day' on KEXP.

Looking for: PR agency (EU)
Virtual showtime: 21:40-21:50, Thursday 20 @ ESNS 02


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