We are supporting the presence of 45 showcase acts and all the more industry professionals from Austria, Belgium, Poland, Serbia, Luxembourg, Croatia and stagedates at Eurosonic Noorderslag 2024 (17-20 January 2024). 

PRESS: Interview or an unplugged session, we will coordinate it for you! Reach out and we will propose a handpicked shortlist for your needs! Alternatively, browse the roster yourself below. Contact: Anna-Lena Peters peters@factory92.eu

INDUSTRY PROFESSIONALS: We have a selection of exclusive networking opportunities where you can meet and mingle with your international colleagues in a friendly and often delicious settings during ESNS, see below! You can also browse below what our rosters' international acts look for business-wise - or you can ask for personalized tips to make the most of your ESNS 2024! Contact: Christian Holl Buhl buhl@factory92.eu




W E D N E S D A Y   1 7 T H

Polish ESNS Focus Country Opening Reception 
(with drinks & food)
18:30 - 19:30 SIGN UP
@ Grand Theatre, Grote Markt 35, 9711 LV Groningen

|lx finest - Sounds from Luxembourg | Networking Reception (CANCELLED)
Meet the Luxembourgish delegation
19:45 - 20:45 SIGN UP
@ The Social Hub, Boterdiep 9, 9712 LH Groningen


T H U R S D A Y   1 8 T H

Austrian Music Export Networking Lunch
Meet the Austrian delegation at ESNS 2024, courtesy of Austrian Music Export.
13:00 - 15:00 SIGN UP
@ Taj Mahal, Veemarktstraat 94, 9724 GC Groningen

Belgium Booms Reception 
Meet the Belgian delegation at ESNS 2024 (with Belgian Beer & Fingerfood)
17:00 - 20:00 SIGN UP
@ De Drie Gezusters, Grote Markt 36-39, Groningen

Polish Business Mixer
speed meet with the Polish delegation
17:00 - 19:00 SIGN UP
@ Focus country lounge @ Oosterport, Trompsingel 27, 9724 DA Groningen


F R I D A Y   1 9 T H 

stagedates Networking Lunch 
Meet stagedates the fair and transparent international ticketing start-up that makes clever use of AI. 
13:00 - 15:00 SIGN UP
@ Taj Mahal, Veemarktstraat 94, 9724 GC Groningen

Music Export Poland Presents: "Meet the Eastern European ESNS Delegates" Reception  
Meet the Eastern European ESNS Delegates
17:00 - 18:00 SIGN UP
@ Focus country lounge @ Oosterport, Trompsingel 27, 9724 DA Groning

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Ada Oda  (BE)   Indie, Post-Punk, Alternative

Italian post-punk from the Brussels underground? Ada Oda offers an energetic blend of music at the crossroads of eighties rock and Italian pop. The project was initiated in 2020 by César Laloux (The Tellers, BRNS, Italian Boyfriend) with Victoria Barracato on vocals. César’s barebone songwriting describes his impressions of love and the people around him. His lyrics were first translated into Italian and then adapted by Victoria, the daughter of a Sicilian immigrant. 

Looking for: Booking (GSA ex CH), PR (GSA)
THU, 18 JAN / 23:30-00:10 @ MAAS Front

Amber Broos  (BE)  Techno, Rave

Amber Broos is a young DJ from Belgium with a true passion for music. With her own monthly show on Tomorrowland’s official radio station One World Radio and as a resident for the Belgian leading radio Studio Brussel she makes her audience forget that she is only twenty years old. Her style is unique: a combination of house, club, and techno masterfully mixed and attuned to the audience.

Looking for: Interviews & Sessions
FRI, 20 JAN / 01:30-02:45 @ MAAS Main

Ão (BE)   Global, Indie, Electronica

Ão is a young and exciting Belgian four-piece blending saudade, indie and subtle electronica, topped off with the phenomenal voice of Brenda Corijn. Drawing on her Mozambican-Portuguese roots, she sings in Portuguese and English, her lyrics entwined in the eclectic sound. Ão surfaced late 2022, when mesmerising single ‘Mulher’ skyrocketed with a lot of international airplay, including on Seattle-based KEXP. Their debut album came out in October, broadening their intoxicating sound.

Looking for: Booking agency (GSA)
THU, 18 JAN / 20:10-20:50 @ WeNutButter 

Arai (AT)   Pop

Artur Aigner, known as ARAI, is a 28-year-old songwriter, producer, and multi-instrumentalist who has introduced his unique signature sound, “DRAMA POP,” with his debut album. Having learned various instruments such as violin, drums, guitar, and piano in his childhood and adolescence, he taught himself electronic music production at the age of 14.  “Drama Pop” is characterized by dynamic, catchy melodies and rhythms seamlessly blended with self-recorded choirs and computer-produced orchestral sounds.

Looking for: Booking (AT, WW), Publishing 
(AT, WW) 
WED, 17 JAN / 22:50-23:30 @ Grand Theatre Up

Artificialice  (PL)   Avant Pop, Art Pop, Alt Pop

Artificialice is characterized by hypnotic vocals bringing thought of Björk, fresh arrangements in the style of Hiatus Kaiyote and uncompromising electronic sounds inspired by Sophie or Arca. Project created by singer and songwriter Alicja Sobstyl. The musical material of the debut album called "Prisoners of Expectations" was created as a result of the collective cooperation of Alicja Sobstyl, Tomasz Rafalski, Alan Kapołka and Maciej Świniarski, intertwined with the individual process of music production by Ziemowit Klimek and Krzysztof Hadrych with  Michał Jan Ciesielski on the saxophone.

Looking for: Booking (EU esp. DE, FR & UK), festival and club shows (EU, UK), media coverage
WED, 17 JAN / 22:50-23:30 @ Forum Rabostudio

Bad Daughter (HR)   Indie Pop

Bad Daughter is a new music project by Croatian artist Dunja Ercegović, who has been making waves since 2013 as Lovely Quinces. With the launch of Bad Daughter, Dunja immediately set the bar high for the domestic music scene with her debut album, ‘Let Me Panic’. It was released in November 2021 and followed in 2022 by a live album from her first performance. In 2023 she performed before Florence & The Machine in the Roman amphitheatre in Pula.

Looking for: Booking agent (GSA), open for artist management, booking agents, international label (any territory except Ex Yu)
FRI, 20 JAN / 00:10-00:50 @ Lutherse Kerk

Berry Galazka (PL)   Anti-Pop

After her debut EP ‘Man Can’t Hang, Ain’t Part of the Gang’ took aim at the music industry boy’s club, ‘Leash’ allowed Berry Galazka to create more freely, inspired by the Surrealist work of Salvador Dalí. Her genre-distorting style has been profiled by the likes of Polyester Zine, Culted, Clash, The Line of Best Fit, New Wave Magazine and more. On ‘Leash’ Galazka channels the famous painting 'Dream Caused by the Flight of a Bee Around a Pomegranate a Second Before Awakening’, getting to work with sonic sledgehammers courtesy of producers ATG (Kelly Rowland, Burna Boy, Darkoo, IAMDDB), James Yuill (Pablo Suárez, Joulie Fox), Tom Saint and Joe Garrett. She delivers a new wave of rebellious, apathetic, bravado-filled Pop-Punk.

Looking for: Live opportunities (PL, EU), collaborations with brands and platforms
THU, 18 JAN / 20:50-21:30 @ Grand Theatre Main

Bex (AT)   Hip Hop

BEX is the rising star of Vienna's vibrant music scene. Hailing from Ghana, she is making her mark in the Austrian capital with a unique blend of cultural influences, lyrical prowess and unwavering determination to the world of rap. In November 2022 she released her debut single ‘Midnight Playground’ and her first EP 'Bundles' followed in August 2023. Much like her revered inspiration, Lil Wayne, BEX adheres to the mantra: "Real G's move in silence like lasagna”.

Looking for: Interviews
WED, 17 JAN / 20:50-21:30 @ Mutua Fides

BLUAI  (BE)   Indie, Bedroom, Dream Pop

Music is not a competition, but BLUAI are winning somehow. In a few months’ time, Catherine Smet's bedroom project has exploded into the biggest buzz act on the Belgian alternative scene. They’re the first ever to score an epic hattrick: the three of them successively won Sound Track by vi.be, De Nieuwe Lichting by StuBru and Humo's Rock Rally, the three most important music contest in Belgium. In the meantime, the girls play one show after another and scored a daytime radio hit with 'Dime Store'. BLUAI makes dreamy indie pop songs about the things of life: relationships, love and heartache. On stage they are equally convincing with a casual attitude, loads of personality and catchy songs.

Looking for: Agency (EU)
WED, 17 JAN / 21:30-22:10 @ Lutherse Kerk 

C'est Karma  (LU)   Pop, Electronic

For C’est Karma music is a tool for change. From causing trouble with her punk band at the age of 14 to her bold 2022 EP ‘Amuse-Bouche’, Karma Catena’s passionate, activist heart always beats at the core of her music. She grew up in Luxembourg but relocated to Amsterdam where she ploughed doggedly into hyperpop, alt-pop and noise/industrial influences, resulting in songs that range from attacking inaction on the climate crisis and the disparity between the filthy rich and the less fortunate, to her love for women, the cinema and pasta.

Looking for: Festivals Local/national live promoters: UK, BeNeLux, Austria Sync opportunities
THU, 18 JAN / 20:10-20:50 @ VERA

CHAiLD  (LU)   Pop

Rising pop artist CHAILD from Luxembourg burst onto the music scene in 2019, rapidly becoming known for his soothing yet intense voice that drags you into his melancholic universe. CHAiLD identifies as a Gen Z artist, standing up for a youth generation seeking self-expression. His debut EP ‘Urgent Care’ came out in 2023 and he went from supporting major acts such as Nothing But Thieves, Dean Lewis and Mahmood to playing at international festivals.

Looking for: Booking agency in GSA, UK & BENELUX
WED, 17 JAN / 20:50-21:30 @ Simplon Upstairs

Ciśnienie (PL)   Post-Rock, Jazz, Instrumental

Ciśnienie (Polish for 'pressure’) was founded on a simple premise - to try and find the most intense, earth-shattering and mind-bending musical climaxes. Stylistically, it’s a blend of post-rock, orchestral music and repetitive jazz, with inspirations ranging from Swans, Fire! Orchestra and Mogwai, to Arvo Pärt and H.M. Górecki. Baritone sax, violin and piano blend seamlessly with heavily distorted bass and frantic drumming, creating colorful soundscapes and tones - from improvised ambient and psychedelic grooves, to rhythm driven walls of sound.

Looking for: Interviews
THU, 18 JAN / 23:30-00:10 @ Der AA-Theater

Don Kapot (BE)   Free Jazz, Afrobeat, Krautpunk

Don Kapot released their fourth album ‘I Love Tempo’, mixed and co-produced by Greg Saunier (Deerhoof), in September. Using a wide range of instruments, the Belgian band works their sound into a solid, complex rhythmic wave shot through with crazy samples. Bandcamp highlighted ‘Un Peu Live in 2022’, their live album featuring Fulco Ottervanger, as a "very fun mix of modern jazz and krautrock". The three members from Brussels co-create songs that are often hypnotic, always jazz-minded and that they themselves describe as ‘Afropunk rock-’n’-roll power’. About their last album, MOJO writes: “The Brussels trio’s grooves go blurringly hard, offset by quieter fluctuating nuances”.

Looking for: Booking partners (EU), aiming to tour in UK in 2024
THU, 18 JAN / 22:10-22:50 @ Der AA-Theater

DYSTINCT (BE)   Hip Hop, Arab, Pop, Afro, Kizomba

DYSTINCT, the Moroccan artist sensation, has taken the world by storm with hisrecent hits "Ghazali," "Tek Tek," "Business," and "Ku Je Ti." His music effortlesslyblends Arabic, French, English, Dutch, and Spanish, transcending languagebarriers and captivating audiences of all generations. Growing up with a lovefor music passed on by his artist father, DYSTINCT's first single "No Ring Ring"in 2017 was an immediate success, leading to his first album "Mon Voyage" beingcertified Gold within a week.
His beautiful voice combined with catchy melodies has guaranteed him the success of almost all his releases so far, with an average of 12 million streams per single on Spotify.

Looking for: Interviews
FRI, 19 JAN / 18:00-18:45 @ ESNS Air (Grote Markt)

Fran Vasilić  (HR)   Indie Pop

f you've ever wondered what the intersection between bedroom pop, Y2K indie rock and ex-Yugoslav 80s music sounds like, the answer is Fran Vasilić. With a unique ability to market himself and connect with his listeners, Vasilić’s debut album, "Retrovizor", appeared on Apple Music’s Top 100 Alternative Albums and his subsequent work found praise from the likes of Elle Magazine Croatia, Ones to Watch, Early Rising, EARMILK, Storybook Magazine, Lyrical Lemonade, Fashionably Early, and more.

Looking for: Management, open for Labels
THU, 18 JAN / 20:50-21:30 @ Mutua Fides 

Franek Warzywa & Młody Budda (PL)   Hyperpop, Alt Pop

Pseudo-nationalist potatoes, local food markets invaded by leeks, dogs in space…anything goes in the strange, colorful world of Franek Warzywa & Młody Budda (Frankie Veggies & Young Buddha). The sensational audio-visual Polish duo found their popularity through TikTok, but it's the raw energy of a live performance they crave the most (except for eating your veggies of course). Franek Warzywa & Młody Budda are certified fresh like the veggies they sing about.

Looking for: Booking/PR agency (EU), festival shows, label  or distribution contract for LP
WED, 18 JAN / 01:30-02:10 @ Simplon Main 

freekind. (SI)   Neo-soul, Hip-hop, R&B

‘Be free. Be kind.’ That is the philosophy of the Slovenian duo whose music carries a strong message of love and hope, complemented by R&B and jazz grooves. It’s no coincidence that one of freekind.’s most successful songs is called ‘Visualize’. When listening to the seductive R&B-jazz-pop-soul single, you’ll want to see how Sara Ester Gredelj (vocals, piano) and Nina Korošak-Serčič (drums) bring their music to life in what is jokingly called ‘collective group therapy’.

Looking for: Festivals, venues
THU, 18 JAN / 23:30-00:10 @ Stadsschouwburg 

Hippotraktor  (BE)   Progressive Metal

Belgian progressive/post-metal band Hippotraktor has rapidly ascended the international metal ranks since their debut ‘Meridian’ from 2021. Renowned for blending crushing riffs with intricate rhythms, their sound echoes the majesty of nature, reminiscent of Gojira's catchy hooks and Meshuggah's complex grooves. Hippotraktor has conquered stages at Arctangent (UK), Prognosis (NL), Metaldays (SL), Alcatraz (BE), Rock Herk (BE) and many more. The band is on the verge of releasing their sophomore album next spring on Pelagic Records, promising another epic auditory journey.

Looking for: Festival Shows, local promoters
THU, 18 JAN / 21:30-22:10 @ Machinefabriek 

Immortal Onion (PL)   
Post Instrumental Aggressive Gay Pop

Immortal Onion is a Polish trio founded in spring 2016 and inspired by artists like Esbjörn Svensson, Hiromi Uehara and Tigran Hamasyan. The group from Gdansk offers a bold combination of many seemingly remote styles – jazz, film music, minimalism as well as fusion, electronic music and even progressive metal. The unique sound of the group originates from the stylistic variety and skillful combination of rhythmically complex, energetic riffs with minimalistic, trance beats and lyrical themes.

Looking for: Publishing, sync & licensing options, PR agency
WED, 17 JAN / 22:10-22:50 @ Der AA-Theater 

Iva Lorens (RS)   Pop

Born in the Balkans, Iva Lorens is a songwriter and producer who began writing songs when she was 9, later exploring her lyricism throughout high school by recording demos and eventually creating her sound in her bedroom after moving to Berlin for college.  In December 2021, her fist song "Svitanje" in her native tongue attracted the audience with positive reviews such as "the promise of a new, proud Serbian mainstream". Her debut album "Svitanje" was released in March 2023.

Looking for: Booking agency (GSA), label (DE)
FRI, 19 JAN / 20:50-21:30 @ MAAS Front 

Izzy and The Black Trees (PL)  Alt Rock, Punk, Post-Punk

From a quiet university city in Western Poland, Izzy and the Black Trees bring raw punk energy, noisy psych fuzzed-up guitar riffs, strong beat and feisty melodies. You can feel the aura of Patti Smith, Kim Gordon or PJ Harvey around Izzy’s songwriting and her musical delivery. Supported by her three partners in crime, Izzy and the Black Trees invite you on a poetic rebel freeride you’ve been long waiting for. Their live shows are full of feminine, punk and rock'n'roll energy. 

Looking for: Booking agency (EU), label (EU) for the next album
THU, 18 JAN / 21:30-22:10 @ VERA 
FRI, 19 JAN / 13:40-14:00 @ PLATOSONIC (Plato & CC)

Jann (PL)  Pop

Jann is a 24-year-old charismatic artist, producer and writer from Warsaw, Poland who has always had a deep connection with the world of music and art, and his unique vocal range (counter-tenor) led him to perform for years in the National Opera in Warsaw. After studying at BIMM in London, Jann decided to focus on pop, releasing his first EP ‘Power’ in early 2022. Single ‘Gladiator’ made it in 2023 to important playlists all over Europe and got him invited to perform with 30 Seconds To Mars.

Looking for: Interviews
FRI, 19 JAN / 23:30-00:10 @ Stadsschouwburg

Kimyan Law (AT)   Electronic, Drum 'n' Bass

Kimyan Law aka Nicola Mpunga is a musician and producer, who started making music using instruments improvised from various everyday objects at a very young age. Deep explorations into his Congolese roots have led him to create complex mosaics of ancient sound with modern aesthetics. Having its roots in Drum & Bass, the music flies far beyond the confines of that often-formulaic genre, expanding sonic ranges and disrupting standard arrangements. Detailed production and an interdisciplinary approach are quintessential for Kimyan’s story-telling approach to making music. 

Looking for: Booking agency (Benelux/GSA/UK), sub label, licensing, sync, festival bookings & shows (EU)
FRI, 20 JAN / 00:50-01:30 @ Simplon Upstairs

Klawo (PL)   Funk, Jazz, Indie

Klawo (pron. /klʌvɔ/) is a 7-piece jazz-funk ensemble, based in Gdansk, Poland. They debuted with a 2022 self-titled LP. Since then, the band has played several shows in Poland and abroad, including festivals and showcase gigs. The band’s second studio album is to be released late summer 2024. The mostly instrumental tunes of Klawo draw inspiration from a multitude of musical styles including funk, indie, psychedelia, hip-hop, jazz and afrobeat, with plenty of room for improvisation.

Looking for: Booking agent(s) (EU, UK), festival and club shows (EU, UK), media coverage
WED, 17 JAN / 19:30-20:10 @ Grand Theatre Main


Straight out of hip hop collective VHS (Vampieren Heksen Spoken), this Flemish duo brings the dark side of Anna (Antwerp) with their possessed rap and infernal energy. Loyal to the Memphis Horrorcore, a particular style of Gangsta rap, producer Slagter makes use of minimal synths and beats as MC Kleine Crack unapologetically tackles themes like drugs and murder, a release for dark feelings. Kleine Crack is especially beloved in the Netherlands for club bangers like ‘ELEKTRO STRESS 2’ ft. Rico (Opgezwolle) and ‘COWBELL BANGER’ ft. LIONSTORM.

Looking for: Interviews
THU, 18 JAN / 20:10-20:50 @ Simplon Main 

Kuna Maze (BE)   Jazz, House

Brussels-based producer, DJ and multi-instrumentalist Kuna Maze aka Edouard Gilbert produces music that flips between broken beat, house and jazz. Together with his live band he brings club culture and jazz to the center of his universe and the stages of various European festivals. His music has garnered support from tastemakers such as Gilles Peterson (BBC 6), Lefto, Soulection and Anz (Radio 1).

Looking for: Booking (FR, GSA, UK)
FRI, 19 JAN / 23:30-00:10 @ Simplon Upstairs 

LASY (PL)   IDM, Gabber, Rave

LASY - a Polish band from the Tri-City, which consists of Maciej Wojcieszkiewicz (Stendek) and Jacek Prościński (wh0wh0). The former is a producer active on the stage for many years, winner of the Fryderyk award in the Electronics category for the production of the Reni Jusis album. The latter is a drummer, he co-creates, among others, LLovage with Ol Walicki or Hinode Tapes. Above all, however, he pursues his solo project wh0wh0, in which he develops an individual style of drumming.

Looking for: Booking agency, festival opportunities
FRI, 20 JAN / 01:30-02:10 @ Simplon Main

Lenhart Tapes (RS)   Ethno Noise

Lenhart Tapes is a one-man-cassette-tape-manipulator and he has been mostly known for his live, striking and unforgettable live performances. Yes, walkmans are his musical instruments, and he does a live mix of selected material from his cassette collection on top of the original rhythmic loops. As music experts say, the thing Lenhart Tapes does is a sophisticated and wild world-noise-ethno-industrial-folk zombie musical genre. He will be accompanied by legendary Serbian folk singer Svetlana Spajić.

Looking for: Booking agent (BLX, FR)  
WED, 17 JAN / 20:10-20:50 @ Grand Theatre Up

Loverman (BE)   Alternative, Singer-Songwriter

James de Graef's solo project received rave reviews. After the release of a few singles, the eccentric singer-songwriter toured Europe with Tamino late last year. Loverman draws you into his hypnotic, mysterious world with his debut album 'Lovesongs' that received rave reviews.

Looking for: Interviews
THU, 18 JAN / 22:50-23:30 @ Lutherse Kerk
FRI, 19 JAN / 12:50-13:10 @ PLATOSONIC (Plato & CC)


Master Peace (UK)   Pop, Indie

Master Peace, the alternative maverick taking the UK by storm, has announced his debut album ‘How To Make A Master Peace’, is due out on March 1st. On a mission to shake up the UK independent music landscape, and inject some anarchic mischief along the way, Master Peace is a refreshing burst of energy. The young Londoner says this record, which is inspired in part by the late nights and parties of his teenage past, is “simultaneously of the past and the future”.

Looking for: Interviews
FRI to SAT, 20 JAN / 00:10 - 00:50 @ MAAS Main


Meltheads (BE)   Post-Punk

Meltheads have been spreading wildfire on stages in Belgium and The Netherlands for a good while now, driven by the metronomically tight rhythm section of Tim Pensaert (bass) and Simon de Geus (drums), and fuelled by the razor-sharp and skilful guitar of Yunas de Proost. And then there’s frontman Sietse Willems, a man born to be on stage, like Morrison, Plant and Iggy Pop in one brutal and gnarly package. On 9 February they will be releasing the long-awaited debut album "Decent Sex". 

Looking for: Concert opportunities
WED, 17 JAN / 21:30-22:10 @ MAAS Main 

Mickael Karkousse (BE)   Electronic, Alt Pop

MK’s (frontman of Electro/Rock band GOOSE) debut album is pure expression, an extension of himself. “I have always had a hard time expressing feelings, except with music. And on this record – because there was no one else to take into consideration – I was able to do so more than ever. Moreover, I learned not to be afraid. Every time my producer (Victor Le Masne) asked if we were sure about doing something, I said yes. By doing so, we often found the songs taking a surprising turn – so surprising even that I often had to get used to it myself. Everything felt like unexplored territory, and I’m proud of that.”

 Looking for: Concert & festival opportunities
WED, 17 JAN / 22:50-23:30 @ Simplon Main 

ML (BE)   Pop, Rock

"ML", two letters, initials for Maria-Laetitia Mattern, is a singer-songwriter from Brussels. Former singer of Sonnfjord, a band she had created with her brother, she has since gone solo. She started to write in French, as a desire to finally express the intimacy of doubts and torments in her mother tongue. Raw, sensitive and instinctive, her second EP "Ailleurs n'existe pas" speaks of vital momentum, of the urgency to live "here and now", rather than desperately looking for an elsewhere that does not exist. ML is now on the move, searching, mixing pop with her indie/rock inspirations.

Looking for: Booking, label (BE)
WED, 17 JAN /  19:30-20:10 @ MAAS Front 

Moonstone (PL)   Doom

Moonstone combines heavily distorted guitars, a gut wrenching bass, thunderous drum beats and ghostly vocals. This mixture of atmospheric doom flavors with stoner fierceness will cause a sonic trance on an orbital scale. Hailing from Kraków, Poland, the band have already made their mark on the underground scene with their 2019 self-titled debut, 2021 progressive EP „1904” and 2022 live EP „Seasons”. Their newest album "Growth" was released on 17th of May 2023 via Interstellar Smoke Records and got the band to the stages of the broad Western Europe.

Looking for:  Shows (EU), label contract for next album
THU, 18 JAN / 20:10-20:50 @ Machinefabriek 

Oskar Haag (AT)   Indie Pop

Oskar Haag, born in 2005, gained prominence with a remarkable performance at the Wiener Popfest at the age of 15, captivating fans and the Austrian alternative scene. Despite offers from labels and agencies, he chose independence, establishing his record company and releasing the hit single "Stargazing." Haag's subsequent singles dominated charts, breaking records nationally and inter-nationally. His debut album, "Teenage Lullabies," released in March 2023, reached number 6 on the Austrian charts, solidifying his status as a rising star.

Looking for: Label partners, booking, PR (EU, WW)
FRI, 19 JAN / 21:30-22:10 @ Lutherse Kerk 

Pommelien Thijs (BE)   Pop, Rock

Pommelien Thijs (21) is a Flemish singer, musician, designer and actress. In 2020 she scored a #1 hit in Belgium̈ and the Netherlands, and also plays the lead role in the Netflix hit series "Knokke Off". With summer single ‘Erop of Eronder’ Pommelien got a #1 in the Belgian single and airplay chart, as well as #1 in the Spotify Single Charts and the Radio 2 Summer hit Award of 2023. This summer her long-awaited debut album 'Per Ongeluk' came out, including a duet with Dutch star singer Meau.

Looking for: Festival & local promoters
FRI, 20 JAN / 00:50-01:30 @ Stadsschouwburg 

Porcelain id  (BE)   Alternative 

Porcelain id is the pseudonym under which Hubert Tuyishime (they/them) has been unleashing unique soulful pop songs since 2021. They have emerged in recent years as one of the most promising talents on the Belgian scene. Porcelain id’s poetic songs incorporate both classical pop and lofi electronics, yet always sound vulnerable, sincere and authentic. Their debut album ‘Bibi:1’ - inspired by their move from a quiet provincial town to the big city - will be released on 16 February 2024.

Looking for: Booking (GSA, UK)
THU, 18 JAN / 13:20-13:40 @ PLATOSONIC (Plato & CC) 
THU, 18 JAN / 20:10-20:50 @ Grand Theatre Up 

Promis3  (BE)   Nu-Rave, Hyperpop

Carving out their space in the Nu-Rave scene, Belgian duo Promis3’s captivating productions, mesmerizing visuals and striking aesthetic are a tribute to European club & queer culture. The duo constantly pushes the boundaries of their recognisable, yet confronting identity. Shaped by Europop, Hyperpop, Y2K trance, Rave and so much more, it's clear that Promis3's shared influences span far and wide. With recent releases that have garnered attention from the likes of PAPER, METAL, TMRW, and Wonderland, Promis3 is truly ascending. 

Looking for: Interviews
WED to THU, 18 JAN / 01:30-02:10 @ Forum Rabostudio

Reinel Bakole  (BE)   Jazz, Soul

Meet Reinel Bakole, a true artistic polymath at the age of 25, regarded as the rising star of the avant-garde Belgian soul scene. Her talent spans singing, songwriting, dance, and performance, forming a mesmerizing multidisciplinary musical universe that pushes creative boundaries. After a successful two-year touring journey, gracing renowned stages like MIL Lisbon, Printemps de Bourges, Botanique, Horst, Bozar, Dour Festival and more recently Couleur Café in Brussels, Reinel Bakole is in the midst of preparing her debut album, set to release in 2024. 

Looking for: Booking Agency (USA), PR (WW), label (distribution/licensing deals)
WED, 17 JAN / 21:30-22:10 @ Machinefabriek -

Sharktank (AT)   Indie, Alternative

With over 20 million streams on their first single (“Washed Up”) there’s one thing that’s clear: Sharktank have become one of the most promising upcoming European acts of the last three years. And since their debut “Get it Done“ (released in June 2021), rumor has it that the international breakthrough will not be long in coming. With “Acting Funny“ they released their second album in 2023, where they show themselves to be extravagantly keen to experiment. A sold out tour and a summer full of festivals, where they presented their energetic live-show followed. The band knows how to skillfully weave familiar melodic vocals, synth sounds, rap, rock and pop tunes without the feeling of having a bad snack mixpack. 

Looking for: Booking Agency (Ex GSA), local show promoters (ex GSA)
FRI, 19 JAN / 21:30-22:10 @ WeNutButter

Skier and Yeti  (RS)   Funk, Drum 'n' Bass, Low Rock, Electro, Ethno

Skier and Yeti is a costumed duo from the underground of Serbia that will take you on a wild slalom through funk, drum&bass, low rock, electro, ethno, enriched by improvisation on the spot and followed by live VJ act. Yeti's plays a mini electro-acoustic furry drumkit, while Skier plays his hand-made inventions - Baskija, Skimburica and Skitara combined with effect pedals and procesors. They have performed at various music, film and contemporary circus festivals throught Europe.

Looking for: Booking Agent (BE, DE, AT, SK)
THU to FRI, 19 JAN / 01:30-02:10 @ VERA

Vijii (AT)   Indie Pop

Referencing the easy, fuzzy sounds of the 90s, Viji – real name Vanilla Jenner – is pioneering a new scene of indie sleaze. Her debut album, So Vanilla, is filled with layered guitar melodies that touch on the slower end of Sonic-Youth, paired with the pop hooks and slow, soulful soliloquies. The album was recorded predominantly in London, in partnership with four-times Mercury Prize nominee producer Dan Carey (Fontaines DC, Kae Tempest, Wetleg). The pair don’t remember the exact moment they were introduced, both swearing that a member of each other’s team suggested they meet. Her approach to shoe-gazy rock, raw instrumentals and vocal delivery makes her stand out as one of the most exciting UK artists to watch.

Looking for: Festival & Tour opportunities
FRI, 19 JAN / 20:50-21:30 @ All Round 
FRI, 19 JAN / 16:10-16:30 @ PLATOSONIC (Plato & CC) 

Wacław Zimpel (PL)   Alternative

Classically trained clarinettist, composer and music producer, Zimpel made a name for himself playing free jazz with the international leaders of the scene. His versatility and compositional creativity quickly led Zimpel to explore other styles and musical traditions like: minimalism, Indian classical music or Moroccan gnawa. The New York Times called him a ‘musical chameleon’. His solo album “Lines”, released in 2016, proved to be a landmark in his career due to his use of electronic instruments, which became his new fascination. Unsurprisingly, Zimpel has swapped jazz clubs for the world’s most important electronic music festivals and collaboration.

Looking for: Interviews
FRI, 19 JAN / 20:50-21:30 @ Der AA-Theater 

waterbaby (SE)   Pop, Soul

Waterbaby is the musical moniker of 24-year-old Stockholm born Kendra Egerbladh. She quickly made her mark on the Nordic music scene via features with Seinabo Sey and Hannes, which left labels battling it out for her signature. Famed US label Sub Pop came out on top and, after several singles, they released her debut EP ‘Foam’ in June 2023. It forms the perfect introduction in waterbaby’s world of enchanting bedroom pop with soft dreamy vocals.

Looking for: Interviews / Sessions
THU, 18 JAN / 22:10-22:50 @  Stadsschouwburg 

Zamilska  (PL)   Electronic

ZAMILSKA’S heavy, rhythmic sounds are filled with lots of bass. Though associated with techno, her music reaches way beyond the definition of the genre and it oscillates between electronica, world music and noise. She takes inspirations from various sources: raw sounds taken from native Silesia, precisely interlaced with tribal chants and oriental elements. Holding sturdiness of an industrial grinder, pensive yet melodic, trance-like. In Poland, she has played on the biggest stages, worked with acclaimed local artists as well as set ups like Philharmonic orchestra and been nominated for the Polish equivalent of Grammy for two of her albums. She has scored a film for Netflix, remixed Editors, Gazelle Twin and Paula Temple tracks - in a nutshell. 

Looking for: Show opportunities
THU to FRI, 19 JAN / 00:50-01:30 @ Simplon Upstairs 


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