We are back at supporting your networking, talent scouting and press covering at Reeperbahn Festival. Welcome to our hometown, Hamburg, Germany!

At this year's Reeperbahn Festival (20-23 September 2023), we are supporting the presence of 27 showcase acts and all the more industry professionals from Austria, Québec, Luxembourg and Australia!

PRESS: Interview or an unplugged session, we will coordinate it for you! Reach out and we will propose a handpicked shortlist for your needs! Alternatively, browse our complete RBF 2023 roster below. Contact: Anna-Lena Peters peters@factory92.eu

INDUSTRY PROFESSIONALS: We have a selection of exclusive networking opportunities where you can meet and mingle with your international colleagues in a friendly and often delicious setting during Reeperbahn Festival! The schedule and sign-up instructions will be announced later. You can also browse below what our rosters' international acts are looking for business-wise - or you can ask for personalized tips to make the most of your RBF 2023! Contact: Christian Holl Buhl buhl@factory92.eu



18:30-20:30 Austrian Heartbeats Reception (food + free drinks) @ Indra Club 64        ► Sign up here

12:00-14:00 Exclusive networking with Québec (free lunch)       ► Invite-only, express interest
18:30-19:30 Wild Thing Music Group Reception (free drinks) @Bahnhof Pauli        Sign up here

14:00-17:00 Music Moves Europe Reception @HÄKKEN      ► Sign up here
18:00-19:30 International Music Journalism Award 2023  (free drinks) @ SCHMIDTCHEN         ► Sign up here
19:30-20:30 |lx finest - Sounds from Luxembourg at RBF23  (free finger food & wine) @ HÄKKEN        ► Sign up here


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Anda Morts (AT)   
Indie Punk

Musician Anda Morts is from Linz and is an indie-punker without any artificial attitude. The things the 25-year-old sings about make his audience feel his state of mind. In the stage between 20 and 30, this is often characterized by questions, by feeling trapped, sometimes uninspired, angry, or even really disillusioned and, of course, sometimes just not up for it. Since March 2023, Anda Morts has been signed to the Viennese label MOM I MADE IT.

Looking for
WED 20.09.2023 / 23:00 -23:45 @ Indra

Annahstasia (US)   
Folk, Singer-Songwriter, R'n'B 

Annahstasia Enuke, hat sich seit 2019 mit ihrer Debüt-EP und ihrer tiefen, melodiösen Stimme einen Namen gemacht. Nach einem sehr erfolgreichen Feature auf dem KayCyy Song „Hold you up“ mit über 2,5 Millionen Streams war die Künstlerin mit ihrem Song „Power“ bei der COLORS Session zu Gast. Über ihre neue EP „REVIVAL" erklärt sie: „I called the project Revival for that reason, because for me, it was kind of like a rebirth. And my name, ‘Annahstasia,’ means resurrection in Greek. I was just playing with that concept of reviving myself as an artist, and coming into my power and coming into my voice."

Looking for
Interviews, Sessions, PR (Global)
WED 20.09.2023 / 19:50-20:40 @Imperial Theater

AySay (DK)    
Anatolien Folk, Nordic Electronica

A marriage of cultures, eras, and styles that can only rarely be experienced: AySay creates music that transcends all artificially drawn boundaries and conventional genres to create something entirely new. Growing up with both Danish and Kurdish parental roots, mastermind Luna Bülow Ersahin fell in love at an early age with the sound of Arabic lutes – and especially with the mystical elegance of the oud and the baglama. Together with her bandmates, Carl West Hosbond and Aske Døssing Bendixen, Ersahin makes this love the main feature of the idiosyncratic AySay sound by incorporating synthesisers, bass guitars, flutes, and a whole range of carefully selected samples. The result is nothing less than pure magic that defies clear categorisation, sometimes sounding psychedelic or avant-garde but then returning to the traditional sounds of Kurdistan. 

Looking for
Label, Festival and Venue Contacts, Interview, Sessions
FRI 22.09.2023 / 17:30-17:45 @Festival Village /MOPO Session
SAT 23.09.2023 / 00:00-01:10 @Angie's Nightclub

Bon Enfant (CA)   
Rock Psych

Bon Enfant’s been breaking the glass ceiling since their inception. Led by Daphné Brissette (Canailles) and Guillaume Chiasson (Solids, Ponctuation), along with Étienne Côté (Canailles, Lumière), Mélissa Fortin (Canailles) and Alex Burger (himself), this ragtag team of superheroes land with brilliance wherever they go. Their music is phantasmagoric, best enjoyed with a flower in your hair and a sword in hand.

Looking for: 
EU Label and France booking agency, festival opportunities, Interviews
WED 20.09.2023 / 23:10-00:20 @Nochtwache

Bush.ida (GER)   
Feminist Rap, Hip-Hop

Mit einer geballten Ladung sexpositiver Power, Punchlines und Emotionen crashte Bush.ida die Deutschrap-Szene, als am 12. Mai die Debüt-EP “WILL KOMMEN IM BUSH” erschien. Bush.ida hat sich seit 2019 immer wieder mit vereinzelten Singles und Live-Konzerten einen Namen gemacht und landete prompt mit einigen Tracks in der Deutschrap Brandneu Playlist auf Spotify. Produziert von den musikalischen Partnern in Crime Moglii und LLUCID gibt Ida nicht nur ausgeprägte (Battle-)Rap-Skills zum Besten, es wird auch ein intimer Einblick in tiefgreifende Emotionen gewährt. Ob exzentrisch, laut und in Party-Laune oder zurückhaltend, beinahe fragil, über Ängste und dunkle Phasen – Bush.ida nimmt uns gekonnt mit in eine eigene Welt und zeigt uns eine Utopie für alle, die sich in der bürgerlichen Norm nicht Zuhause fühlen.

Looking for:  
SAT 23.09.2023 / 16:15-16:45 @ Festival Village / fritz-kola Bühne
SAT 23.09.2023 / 19:45-20:30  @ Moondoo

C'est Karma (LU)   
Pop, Singer-Songwriter

One of Luxembourg’s most multifaceted musicians will also perform at the Reeperbahn Festival as part of the Hamburg Music Business X Backseat Showcase presented by Fanklub. On her third EP, “Amuse-Bouche,” Karma’s style is covered in noise/industrial and hyperpop influences. The daughter of two first generation immigrants, and supporters of feminist and LGBTQ+ causes, approaches music as a tool for social change, also attacking the inaction on the climate crisis and the disparity between the filthy rich and the less fortunate (although she sometimes indulges in more sentimental remarks or mentions her love for pasta).

Looking for:  
WED 20.09.2023 / 20:00 - 20:30 @ Grüner Jäger

CHAiLD (LU)   

CHAiLD burst onto the music scene in 2019. The young rising pop artist from Luxembourg rapidly became known and stood out for his unique, soothing yet intense voice that pulls at your heartstrings and transports you into his melancholic universe. While there's a nostalgic air to CHAiLD's vocals, they also possess a modern twist resonating as vulnerable, strong, and intimate at the same time. CHAiLD identifies as a Gen Z artist, standing up for a youth generation seeking self-expression. That said, a sincere approach to his music means CHAiLD wears his heart on his sleeve.

Looking for:  
Booking partner GSA & Belgium (but other territory could be interesting too). Label (UK & GSA) & Co-publisher
FRI 22.09.2023 / 21:45-22:25 @ HÄKKEN

Cousines Like Shit (AT)   
Indie Pop, Avant-Trash

Cousines like Shit's love for fancy text, Retsina and Romy Schneider connects them as well as a birthmark tattooed on their wrist. During a family vacation in Greece the cousins, Hannah and Laura founded the band and perform idiosyncratic, catchy songs in their harmonious dissonance that resembles Nico, The Moldy Peaches or the Young Marble Giants. They describe their music as 'avant trash' and with songs like 'Young and Online" place themselves in a near future where mysticism, poetry and daily life meet.

Looking for:  
Booking G/S, Label Cooperations in GSA
THU 21.09.2023 / 00:15-01:00  @ Indra

CVC (GB)   
Indie-Rock, Vintage-Rock

CVC stammt aus einem verschlafenen Dorf 10 Meilen nördlich von Cardiff, das auf einem Hügel in den walisischen Tälern liegt. CVC besteht aus Sänger Francesco Orsi, Bassist Ben Thorne, Schlagzeuger Tom Fry, Keyboarder Daniel `Nanial' Jones und den singenden Gitarristen David Bassey und Elliott Bradfield. Ihre üppigen dreistimmigen Harmonien spiegeln die Musik wider, mit der sie aufgewachsen sind – die Bausteine des zeitgenössischen Pop: die Beatles, Neil Young und die Beach Boys – reiche, melodische und unverfälschte Musik, die in der Rockgeschickte verwurzelt ist. 

Looking for: 
Interviews, Sessions
THU 21.09.2023 / 13:00-13:30 @ Sommersalon (Klubhaus St. Pauli)
FRI 22.09.2023 / 00:10-01:00 @ Molotow/Backyard

Electronic / Live Performance / Experimental

DasRADIAL grows out of the absurdities of our digital age: a being, not man not machine, walks between dream and reality. Musician and actor Max Thommes, who spent 10 years as the drummer in the band INBORN! produced by acclaimed producer Ross Robinson, has been going his own way since 2019, creating a dystopian cosmos with DasRADIAL. After several works for the German State Theatre, he also produced the title track of the Arte documentary "UNTERM_RADAR". With his electronic beats and sharp-tongued lyrics, DasRADIAL now seeks the symbiosis of art figure and musical live performance.

Looking for: 
Booking - GSA | Label - WW
SAT 23.09.2023 / 00:15-00:55  @ HÄKKEN

fiio (AT)   
Indie Rock, New Wave

Mit verzerrten Gitarren und eingängigen Hooks über Wirr Warr im Herzen oder Kopf bringt der Wiener New Wave Künstler fiio zeitlosen Indie Rock Sound mit Alltags Romantik. Seine Texte kreisen zwischen zu alt und zu jung sein, Quater Life Crisis und Internetkultur ummantelt von Instrumentals, die mal die 00er und 90er Jahre zitieren oder der restlichen Musikwelt den Mittelfinger zeigen. 

Looking for: 
Live (Festivals & Veranstalter GER, etc.) + MGMT + Booking Partner Switzerland
WED 20.09.2023 / 20:30-21:15  @ Indra
FRI 22.09.2023 / 14:40 - 15:00 @Festival Village/MOPO Session
FRI 22.09.2023 / 21:40-22:20 @Grüner Jäger

Gaspar Claus & Casper Clausen (DK) 

He has truly given his all when it comes to tattooing his interpretations of the most diverse musical styles on the tapestry of Western history, be it as a post-rock singer and multi-instrumentalist with Efterklang, as an art-pop synth wizard with the Finnish band Liima, or as one-half of the lively indietronica duo Claus & Clausen. Much like his long-time companion Gaspar Claus, Casper Clausen is also a creative jack-of-all-trades who wants to try things out and actually has the ability to do so again and again with his buddy. While Clausen is more into popular music, Claus – the cellist – likes to play with modern classical music, electro-acoustic improvisations, and avant-garde folk music. When the two come together, it’s always like two stars, two faces, two stories full of sonic sophistication that have little in common on the surface but that – when looked at more deeply –reveal a new world of hearing and feeling.

Looking for: 
SAT, 23.09.2023 / 23:20-00:10 @ St. Pauli-Kirche

Grandbrothers (GER)   
Electronica, Neo-Classical

Wie weit kann man mit nur einem Instrument gehen? Dieses Konzept verfolgt das Electronica und Neo-Klassik Duo Grandbrothers seit nunmehr 2011. Jeder einzelne Sound, den wir von dem deutsch-türkischen Erol Sarp und dem Schweizer Lukas Vogel hören, entstammt der gleichen Quelle: dem Flügel. Damit aber nicht genug. Ihr am 14. April erschienenes Album „Late Reflections“ ist außerdem das erste Album, das im Kölner Dom aufgenommen wurde, und das ganz ohne religiösen Bezug. Die besondere Verbindung zu diesem Ort entstand schon im Jahre 2019, als sie zu Ehren des 700-jährigen Jubiläums ein Konzert in den heiligen Hallen spielten und extra dafür Musik komponierten, die für den 45 Meter hohen Raum arrangiert wurde. Erol Sarp und Lukas Vogel lernten sich während ihres Studiums der Ton- und Bildtechnik in Düsseldorf kennen, 2011 gründeten sie das Projekt Grandbrothers. Im Zentrum ihrer Interpretation findet sich der von Sarp gespielte und präparierte Flügel mit einem selbstgebauten System elektromagnetischer Hämmer, die Vogel mittels Computer ansteuern und manipulieren kann. 

Looking for: 
THU, 21.09.2023 / 21:20-22:20 @ Große Freiheit 36 

Jean-Michel Blais (CA)   

Jean-Michel Blais is a Montreal-based pianist, composer and performer with a classical background - and a neo-classical bent ! His fifth opus, aubades, constituted his very first work written for chamber orchestra. Dating from the Middle Ages, the aubade is a romantic piece sung at dawn by troubadours, often under the window of a loved one. Thus, like a sunrise at dusk, the concert is meant to be a twilight giving way to dawn, celebrating an instrumental rebirth, a flourishing season, a serenade of the dawn ... This collection of aubades, presented here in a quartet version, invites the piano, the violin and the cello, but also the clarinet, the flute and the saxophone, to twirl around in a delicate and optimistic musical offering. "Music has the ability to provide a space-time in which one can relax, listen, rest and heal. The aim of this concert is to bring joy and hope, like a medication, a music therapy, to be shared with the audience." Jean-Michel's distinct style, accompanied by his three musicians, gives way to a resolutely exhilarating show, with scintillating instrumental textures and warm, major tones.

Looking for: 
Composer Agent, Worldwide // Open to publishing offers, Worldwide // PR Germany // PR France, Interviews
SAT, 23.09.2023 / 23:10-00:10 @ resonanzraum

Josh Island (LU)   
Pop, Singer-Songwriter

As a vocal powerhouse and engaging storyteller, Luxembourg-based singer-songwriter Josh Island has grown a loyal following around Europe in recent years. He combines catchy pop with strong soul-folk influences, drawing inspirations from the genre-bending likes of Sting, Jamie Cullum and John Mayer. His entertaining stage presence has led him to open for acts like Passenger, Clueso and James Morrison, and with his debut album ‘In My Head’ he now embarks on a 20-date European tour this fall.

Looking for: 
Management (open to connect), Booking (especially GSA but also Europe), Label (Europe/World), Publisher (thinking about syncs and co-writing, for example)
FRI, 22.09.2023 / 20:30-21:10  @ HÄKKEN
FRI, 22.09.2023 / 16:15-16:30 @Festival Village / MOPO Session

Julie Pavon (DK)   
Indie, Pop

Julie Pavon didn’t need more than two singles to make waves from north to south across Europe. The Danish–Honduran artist is considered an eccentric and a whirlwind of fresh ideas, not only when it comes to her music. The visual component also always plays a major role for Pavon, which is repeatedly evident in the stylish videos for singles à la “Jealous” (2021) and “Don’t Call Me Out” (2022). It is hardly surprising that as an artistic jack-of-all-trades, she has already been booked for the Hermes catwalk during Paris Fashion Week, but she is also being frenetically celebrated by DJ legend Gilles Peterson at BBC Radio 6 Music and the crowd at the Roskilde Festival. With a dark hint of deadpan in her voice, the right dose of pop appeal and danceability, plus a real knack for irresistible funk grooves, what Pavon established early in her career is a style for cafés and clubs alike. Elegantly produced, unconditionally danceable, and marked by an individualism that others cannot match even after years of success. She is definitely one to keep an eye on!

Looking for: 
FRI, 22.09.2023 / 22:00-23:00 @Angie's Nightclub

Ki! (DK)   
Lo-Fi Beat, Instrumental Beats, Alternative Hip-Hop, Indie, Outernational

Ki! is songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Christian Ki Dall. Aside from his solo productions, he‟s both a musician, known in particular for his guitar playing (performing with the likes of Sterling Roswell of Spaceman 3, The Telescopes, Death Valley Sleepers and many more), and a producer (for Sting-guitarist Rufus Miller, Dør nr. 13, and soul outfit and Crunchy Froglabelmates D/troit, among others). 

Looking for: 
FRI, 22.09.2023 / 19:00-tba @Golden Pudel Club 

Indie Rock, Post-Punk

KOIKOI is a fusion of sonic eclecticism and unstoppable energy. Unburdened by genres, they've playfully cherry-picked the most vibrant elements from rock and pop into a danceable juggernaut of sound, all spiced up with enchanting female-male vocal polyphony singing in Serbian. In their case this mess works brilliantly and their music transcends language barriers and is resonating worldwide. In the last 2 years KOIKOI are captivating audiences with their high-octane energetic live performances that magnetizes crowds all around Europe. KOIKOI was nominated at ESNS for Music Moves Europe Awards 2023 as one of the top 15 emerging bands in Europe and was included in IMPALA’s ‘100 Artists to Watch’ in 2022.

Looking for: 
Booking Agent (GAS/Europe), Shows and Festivals in Germany and abroad, Media Coverage
SAT, 23.09.2023 / 17:00-17:15 @ Festival Village / MOPO Session
SAT, 23.09.2023 / 21:40-22:30 @ Grüner Jäger

La Sécurité (CA)   
Art-Punk/New Wave

La Sécurité (Montréal/Tiohtià:ke) is a collective whose art punk is equal parts: jumpy beats, off-kilter arrangements, and minimalistic melodic hooks; run through an insomniac filter, the result of excessive exposure to the city’s neon lights. The music is all about living dangerously, perfectly agreeable to being blasted onto dancefloors; while the lyrics share the ethos of the Riot Grrrl movement, and celebrate the autonomization of women, friends (mean and nice) as well as benevolence.

Looking for: 
EU label, EU festival and touring opportunities 
THU, 21.09.2023 / 20:30-21:00 @ UWE

Lucky Lo (DK)   
Alt Pop

Emerging stronger from trauma is an art in itself. But successfully translating these experiences into songs about the peaks of happiness and the abysses of human fears – that’s something only very few people manage to do. In her songs, Lucky Lo travels to these opposite poles of human existence, shedding light on our inner angels and demons. Last year, she released her much-acclaimed debut, “Supercarry”, which became an insider tip in contemporary pop within weeks. On her follow-up, “The Big Feel”, the Swedish singer–songwriter once again demonstrates with impressive verve that she can switch between styles with stylistic confidence. Sound impossible? It’s not! Both musically and lyrically, Lucky Lo succeeds brilliantly in the balancing act between euphoria and relaxation, thoughtfulness and nostalgia. She is truly an exceptional talent who must be experienced live on stage.

Looking for: 
Booking: EU or WW (besides DK, DE), Interviews
FRI, 22.09.2023 / 12:15 - 12:30 @ Festival Village / MOPO Session
FRI, 22.09.2023 / 19:30-20:15 @ Nochtspeicher

MAZ (LU)   
Hip-Hop, Dark Trap

Maz emerged from a small town in Luxembourg, where it took a while for his beautiful, yet gory poetry notes to escape his bedroom drawer and for the pride flag to appear between metal posters. Today, he puts his thoughts into an explosion of emo-rap with references to punk and metal. He mixes skilful rap with distorted screams and melodic hooks, creating a dark, yet hopeful form of expression that ties audiences up to the limbs of a giant marionette. A powerful collective beast that puts up a fight against social injustices and inspires one to accept one’s own darkness just as much as light.

Looking for: 
Booking Agencies (GSA territory, eastern countries, UK, France or other), Label, Interviews, Sessions
FRI, 22.09.2023 / 23:00-23:40 @ HÄKKEN
SAT, 23.09.2023 / 15:15-15:45 @ Festival Village / MOPO Session

Naya Ali (CA)   

Ethiopian born, Canadian-raised rapper Naya Ali is an award winning rap and hip hop artist who burst onto the scene in 2017 with her first EP “Higher Self". Assertive in her raspy deliveries and exceptional flow, she is quickly noticed for unique vocal tone and ability to move in and out of flow pockets skillfully. In March 2020, she released the first part of a two-album project: Godspeed: Baptism(Prelude), where she broke the ice and proved her potential to contend within the American and international hip hop markets. In 2021, she released the sequel to this opus, Godspeed: Elevated- an earnest body of work showcasing her journey from baptism into the rap game, to her imminent elevation. This latest project earned her the prestigious Album of The Year at the 44th Gala ADISQ in 2022. Naya Ali has been touring all around the world from Asia to EUROPE (UK + FR) & USA.

Looking for: 
Booking Agency + Festival opportunities, Promo team (PR, radio tracking, HIP-HOP digital marketing team), LABEL or distribution based in EUROPE, Synch partners 
THU, 21.09.2023 / 19:30-20:00 @ UWE
FRI, 22.09.2023 / 18:15-18:45 @Festival Village / MOPO Session

Rahel (AT)   
Indie Pop/Synth Pop/ Dream Pop

Mit verspieltem Ernst und einer Stimme, die süchtig macht, ist RAHEL gekommen, um zu bleiben – mit ihrem Retro-Pop wirbelt sie ordentlich Staub auf: Top Chartplatzierungen, Reviews von Musikexpress, Tagesspiegel, Kraftklubs Radio mit K, DIFFUS oder Puls, Plätze in den wichtigsten Spotify-Indie-Playlists, Support Shows für Die Sterne, Juli oder Danger Dan und zuletzt eine Shortlist-Platzierung für den Amadeus Austrian Music Award sowie ein Auftritt am Wiener Donauinselfest belegen, dass RAHEL längst kein Geheimtipp mehr ist. 

Looking for: 
Booking (Switzerland & France), Label Collab in GER, Publishing (GSA & France), Promo Switzerland & France, Interviews, Sessions
WED, 20.09.2023 / 21:45-22:30 @ Indra
THU, 21.09.2023 / 16:00-16:30 @Festival Village / fritz-kola Bühne

Post-Punk, Garage, Indie-Rock

Formed in 2019, SPRINTS play abrasive punk rock, influenced by the likes of early Pixies, Bahaus, Siouxsie Sioux, King Gizzard, Savages and LCD Soundsystem. Their 2021 EP Manifesto and 2022 EP A Modern Job saw the UK music press becoming enthralled with the band, with a wealth of press support from outlets such as DIY, The Guardian, NME, Loud & Quiet, Dork, and Clash, and an abundance of radio support from Radio 1 and BBC 6 Music.

Looking for: 
SAT, 23.09.2023 / 00:50-01:40 @MOLOTOW/CLUB 

Totalement Sublime (CA)  
Electro-Pop, Experimental

Totalement Sublime emerged from a longing to create with absolute freedom. With each of their releases, they seamlessly blend electro-pop songs with ambient improvisation pieces, showcasing their distinctive creative style. The Francophone trio crafts contemplative atmospheres, exploring themes like fatigue, heat, nostalgia, and nature. Their collaborative efforts involve experimenting with diverse arrangements, drawing influences from 80s Japanese music and the New York avant-garde scene.

Looking for: 
GSA labels, PR, Booking and Synch Partners | Showcases and festivals in EU, Interviews, Sessions
THU, 21.09.2023 / 18:30-19:00 @ UWE

waterbaby (SE)   
Indie-Pop, RnB, Soul-Pop

Die in Stockholm ansässige waterbaby hat bereits auf einigen Songs anderer Künstler*innen (u.a. Seinabo Sey) mitgewirkt, aber selbst noch nicht veröffentlicht. Ein kleiner Hit ist ihr Feature auf dem Song „Stockholmsvy" von Hannes (aktuell rund 26 Mio. Streams auf Spotify). Als Solokünstlerin ist sie bisher nur einige Male aufgetreten (u.a. auf dem ESNS 2023 und den Schwedischen Grammys 2022). Sie gewann einen Zuschuss für ihre bisherigen Kollaborationen auf den letztjährigen Awards der IFPI. Mit „Foam" präsentiert uns waterbaby ihre Debüt-EP. Mit den fünf Tracks hat waterbaby verstanden: Einsamkeit und Liebe schließen sich nicht gegenseitig aus - sie sind manchmal Teil desselben Gefühlsausbruchs. Der Glaube an diese Idee ist ihr Hauptmotiv. Denn wie dieser Glaube, ist ihre Musik ein schneller und tiefer Weg, über sich selbst hinauszuwachsen. Zusammen mit Produzent und Kollaborateur Marcus White schaffen sie eine mystische Mischung - die Songs fühlen sich wie ein guter Zauber an, in den ihr eintauchen solltet.
Looking for
THU, 21.09.2023 / 21:50-22:20  @ Gruenspan 

William The Conqueror (GB)   
Indie-Rock, Folk Rock, Alternative

Auf dem vierten Album von William The Conqueror läuft das Indie-Rock-Trio zur Hochform auf. Die zehn Tracks auf "Excuse Me While I Vanish", die von der Band in einer Spielwiese aus Vintage-Equipment produziert und von Barny Barnicott (ARCTIC MONKEYS, SAM FENDER, KASABIAN) gemischt wurden, verbinden Ohrwurm-Melodien mit eindringlichen, imposanten, aufsteigenden Rock-Formen, unterstrichen von Refrain-Hooks, die gleichzeitig nuanciert und hymnisch sind. William The Conqueror bestehen aus Frontmann Ruarri Josephs fesselnden, halb gesprochenen Gesang und Swamp-Blues-Seattle-Scuzz-Gitarren, die von von Naomi Holmes (Bass) und Harry Harding (Schlagzeug) angetrieben werden.  „Excuse Me While I Vanish" wird das mittlerweile vierte Studioalbum der Band sein. Ihr Debütalbum „Proud Disturber of the Peace" erschien 2017, gefolgt von „Bleeding on the Soundtrack" (2019). Ihr drittes Album „Maverick Thinker" veröffentlichten sie 2021. 

Looking for:  
SAT, 23.09.2023 / 14:00-14:30 @Festival Village / MOPO Session
SAT, 23.09.2023 / 19:30-20:30 @ Indra 


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